Posted by: thefinancedude | May 30, 2008

Two Pennies – May 30, 2008



Holy crap batman!  This is self explanatory.  Competition increases lower consumer prices.  Funny how Bush selects the realtors to take the beating, but farmers don’t or name your subsidized/protected industry doesn’t. Pharmaceuticals deserve no special treatment and it’s looking more and more like you can cure things much simpler than the ways we’ve marketed thus far.  A great article was written on this by Bill Sardi available at


The article is filled with lots of medical language and chemistry for those of you inclined.  I can understand enough of this to conclude logically it has a chance based on the trial numbers. What do you think the big pharma companies would do if some little start up starts producing this marginally above cost?  I bet they would be shut down as big pharma uses their Gestapo gang known as government to wield the big stick.  You lose. How pioneering could this be?  Who knows, but let’s look at the money to be made.

It cannot be said the Gc-MAF cancer cure has gone unheralded. Reuters News covered this developing story in January. But the news story still did not receive top billing nor did it fully elucidate the importance of the discovery, actually made years ago, that the human body is capable of abolishing cancer once its immune system is properly activated.

Gc-MAF is a naturally made molecule and is not patentable, though its manufacturing process is patent protected. There is no evidence of any current effort to commercialize this therapy or put it into practice. Should such an effective treatment for cancer come into common practice, the income stream from health insurance plans for every oncology office and cancer center in the world would likely be reduced to the point of financial insolvency and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be eliminated.

What happens when there are lots of extra doctors are available?  Prices fall!  Hello health care reform! You, the citizen wins, not to mention the lower costs of the drugs themselves.  I think we’ve got a large backlash brewing against government which is the FDA and like most government programs is dropping the ball and we need change.  There needs to be change everywhere, but we must begin demanding that change somewhere. What most more to you than your health?

The National Cancer Institute estimates cancer care in the U.S. costs ~$72 billion annually (2004). Furthermore, about $55 billion of cancer drugs are used annually, none which have not significantly improved survival rates throughout the history of their use. If a typical cancer patient had to undergo 30 Gc-MAF injections at a cost of $150 per injection, that would cost ~$4500, not counting doctor’s office visits and follow-up testing. For comparison, gene-targeted cancer drugs range from $13,000 to $100,000 in cost per year and produce only marginal improvements in survival (weeks to months).

Up to this point, the National Cancer Institute is totally silent on this discovery and there is no evidence the cancer care industry plans to quickly mobilize to use this otherwise harmless treatment.

It’s only too good to be true when there is a gatekeeper that got there by doing as they were told.  It’s time you demand your rights to open competition in the industry from alternatives that are affordable.  We have the window available.  Inflation in health care is notorious and we’re looking for solutions.  Is this not a solution?  Who knows for sure unless we can seriously test the clinical efficacy and be the judge?



  1. Where do you suppose this injection will be sold? The pharmaeutical companies surely won’t, and it would have to go thru more years of trials before they will at an outrageous price. I can’t afford $50.00 for the book, and the author may not even have a source.

    Any thoughts?

  2. This could be sold over the counter by any number of generic companies. Or you could make this a generic drug that your doctor must prescribe, but you pick it up for cheap. Just because you can’t patent a technology/breakthrough doesn’t mean you can not make money. If there were competition to seek out enhanced ways of delivery or some other type of competitive advantage, there will be plenty of companies willing to sell it through current distribution methods. Worst case, it’s considered homepathic or something beningn under current laws and you sell it mail order. There are a myriad of ways for creative business people to see opportunity in this and capitalize.

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